What is the Roly Poly Brand?

Often imitated but never duplicated! Originality is a key word in the Roly Poly culture. Our customers are loyal to the brand that they know delivers on that promise. The following phrases are used throughout Roly Poly marketing material:

  • “Think Before You Eat!”
    We like to infuse a healthy dose of “smart choice” in the decision to eat at Roly Poly. It makes our health conscious customers feel good about coming in.
  • Whatever Your Taste…We’ve Got Your #
    Our customers love the original and bold flavors on our menu and the depth of choice with over 34 unique sandwiches. Adventurous eaters create their own combinations on our convenient and fun ““Roll Your Own” pads.
  • Catering Is Our Middle Name!
    Our large variety of sandwich and salad platters has something for every palate and budget! When our catering customers order “The Works,” they know they can trust us to set them up with a delicious meal – from start to finish – at a reasonable cost. OrderRolyPoly.com provides an additional convenience.

Roly Poly Power

The power of food can provide the power of good health. The food you choose to eat plays a prominent role in maintaining your well being, health, and vitality. At Roly Poly, our mission is to provide the world’s healthiest sandwiches, soups, and salads to our discriminating customers. We combine flavors and textures from multiple ingredients in portions that complement the whole – and make for a very unique sandwich.

Roly Poly Power is the power of choice. Our wide variety of sandwich and salad combinations is amplified by the option to further customize with additions, deletions, or to make new creations.

Roly Poly selects only the freshest, natural, nutrient rich, and minimally processed foods. Mother Nature provides the building blocks, and then we simply assemble sandwiches and salads in unique and delicious combinations – truly the sum of many delectable parts, and with many health promoting benefits.